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 Jüšt à Drēãm~A MLP fanfic~Message me comments~WIP!

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PostSubject: Jüšt à Drēãm~A MLP fanfic~Message me comments~WIP!   Fri Feb 14, 2014 1:37 am

Welcome to just a dream, my MLP fanfic.
The coding and layout is a WIP, please not posting!

P r o l o u g e

His fate was sealed.
He would die exactly Febuary 14,2015, at the Valentines Day Ball, from poision.
He couldn't change it, no one could.
Well, he didn't even know.
He just lived life happily, racing from day to day, finding new adventures and things to do, almost carefree and jolly.
Who is this young stallion I am speaking of? Well that's what makes it suspenseful, obviously.
Let's travel in time and find out.
You arrive a year from now. Flowers are blooming in equestria as everyone gathers for the opening of the ball. Two ponies, a white one with a dark green mane and a brown one with a white and red mane are arguing over something. They seem to have been forced to come together, almost.
Well you're right.
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Jüšt à Drēãm~A MLP fanfic~Message me comments~WIP!
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